All good things come to an end

Never ending conversations, hours spent on Skype, countless emails, calls and troubles on our way. It doesn’t matter right now. The only important thing is that everything was worth our effort.

Exactly seven months passed from our first meeting untill our final event. Seven months since we saw each other last time and made up our idea. Seven months when everything could happen. Someone could quit, someone could argue about something or someone could just change his mind about our concept. But nothing like this happened. We survived and realized our “Head up!” project.

We could describe our feelings after the event or people’s reaction of our project,  but – in this case – pictures say more than words. What we only want to underline is that we feel the power of our idea. We know that we forced people to think about their city, architecture, environment and decision which they can make as citizens of Łódź. And even if it was just a short thought, we know we left imprint on their minds and we are sure they will not forget huge mirrors from Piotrkowska easily.  This is our personal success.

Three exhausting days full of conversations with pedestrians left imprint also on us. Equipped with a new knowledge, we’re ready to fight for Łódź even stronger. Because this city needs changes and needs people who want to make it better. “220 volt” taught us a lot of things connected with management in culture. But the most important thing which we learnt is that without people’s involvement, even the most beautiful city will die. And that’s why we’re proud that we could do something for Łódź. The rest is already history. Amazing, funny, creative, but history.
Thank you to all people who made last months so colorful, inventive and educational. Every single minute spent on the project was worth it.

To all who – somehow – missed that important weekend in Łódź, we prepared facebook gallery with pictures from our event.

Enjoy and never forget that the power of the city is in your hands.


Friends, friends, friends…

Time goes really fast and we’re closer and closer to the final project, so it’s the proper moment to mention our partners who have helped us a lot so far and we already know that without them it wouldn’t be possible to achieve what we’ve already achieved.

As a part of 220 volt! – the project focused on improving and educating future culture managers, we’re doing our best to learn as much as we can from the experience of two great trainers – Paul Bogen and Sandy Fitzgerald who showed us how to run the cultural projects from the organizer side. But despite great teachers, it’s necessary to mention people willing to help five, young volunteers who want show better Łódź.

That’s why we have to underline help which we got from:
– Fabryka Sztuki which supervises 220 volt! in Łódź and does its best to support us,
– people from the Society for the Preservations of Historical Monuments who agreed to become special guests in our infopoint,
– the Foundation of Piotrkowska Street for a huge technical support,
– and Trans Europe Halles, UE and the City of Łódź Office for a financial support which allowed us to organise our ideas.

Even if we’re still about to start the project, we know that without such a huge help we wouldn’t be able to do anything. It’s a pleasure to feel that people believe in our ideas and believe in this city.


It’s the final countdown

Our project starts in 9 days, so we are closer and closer to finish all works.
You can expect this building on our special postcards which are in preparation right now. Our talented graphic designer, Zofia Klajs does her best to make it as amazing, cool and breath-taking as it’s only possible. Expect the final result soon, but right now, take a look and compare Legionów 31  before and after renovation.

Fot. Historic Preservation Officer resourceslegionow 31

Brace yourself, Head up is coming!

Let us introduce the visualisation of our Infopoint – the place where you’ll have the unique opportunity to show the others that you have a real influence on the changes in the city.
We – crazy, international team of Łódź lovers and 3 amazing and incredible important people for this place – will be waiting for you there for three days (just to remind: from 12th till 14th July in Rubinstein Passage).
Remember our fancy post box? Yes, we’re going to use it there. What for? To send a special message. But as always, stay tuned. More details very, very soon.



One small step for a man, but one giant for [Łódzi] mankind

Being sceptical is not enough reason to give up your ideas.

Being sceptical is not enough reason to stop believing.

Being sceptical is the reason to check how motivated you are.

We checked this general truth and we already know that we’re enough determined to go through this boring paperwork and enough pushy to convince the polish post office to cooperate with us.
Let us introduce a small – but how important – thing which we got to take advantage of! 883564_623643607652787_1025524648_o
Having the original post box in the room makes Kuba more than just a leader. Now, he has the engine of our project. And we’ll not hestitate to use it against all Łódź haters, cause lovers gonna love.
But what actually we’re going to do? As always stay tuned. More info soon.


5 people, 3 countries, 1 idea and 1 city – that’s how it started.

Imagine a group of highly motivated people who care about things which they pass by. People who are trying to see brighter sides than depressing facts. People who want to know more, think different, live better and feel the citizens’ spirit in their area. And this is exactly what we – young, creative and fresh minded students – want to do in the heart of Poland where artistic spirit and remarkable architecture is mixed with neglected buildings and grey environment.
Despite different cultures, all of us decided to join 220 volt – the project focused on improving cultural life. Even if any of us could have various reasons to join, everyone wants to prove that volunteers in culture exist and what’s more important, they do a really great job in everyday life. That’s why we gonna change Łódź – we’ll show that impossible is possible and even grey and – for many people – depressing Łódź has marvelous things to be proud of.
Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce the amazing idea of 5 volunteers who want to show the beauty of Łódź and force the citizens to raise their heads and see another point of view!
What we gonna do? Simple thing which make you more surprised than you think.

Every day pedestrians are going through Piotrkowska Street without paying attention to their city environment. We all know that many inhabitants don’t like this city and its architecture. What’s more, they don’t want to involve themselves in any activity and take part in the city life. That’s why our main goal is to change their image of the city, point the value of Łódź, its architecture and show that they can have an impact on the decisions of local politicians.

How we will achieve those objectives? We will try to catch the eyes of pedestrians and focus them on the buildings using… very surprisng and uncommon trick…
Curious? Interested? Doubtful? Stay tuned and you’ll discover piece by piece that it’s possible. Even in this industrial city.